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Rolling Oaks Radiology. Ventura County's leading medical imaging provider.

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Rolling Oaks Radiology – Ventura County

Rolling Oaks Radiology | Ventura County's Leading Imaging Services Provider

Rolling Oaks Radiology has helped improve the health of Ventura County residents for nearly 20 years. Our board-certified radiologists — all based in Ventura County — have the sub-specialty knowledge required to accurately interpret MRI, PET/CT, mammography, ultrasound and other medical imaging studies. Our experience helps referring physicians more accurately diagnose medical conditions, which leads to more appropriate and timely medical treatment.

The experience, dedication and compassion of our staff have helped Rolling Oaks Radiology become one of the leading providers of imaging services in Ventura County. Contact us to schedule your medical imaging exam at one of our 11 Ventura County, California medical imaging centers.

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  • Could Prostate MRI See Growing Role in Active Surveillance?

Could Prostate MRI See Growing Role in Active Surveillance?

  • April 10th, 2014

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer face a difficult decision when it comes to making a treatment decision, with standard options including active surveillance or radical treatments, such as radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy. While radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy are appropriate and potentially life-saving treatment options in many instances, evidence suggests they are relied upon too often and that many men suffer from adverse effects resulting from radical treatments even when prostate cancer posed little threat to their lives.

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